Volunteer Opportunities


Here are some current volunteer opportunities, links to other volunteering resources, information about Jefferson Awards and instructions on how to submit community service hours. Please contact Mrs. Kane in the College and Career Center for more information.

Volunteer and Community Service Opportunity Spotlight

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Do you want to get involved? Do you want to volunteer in your community? Serve those in need?

Your high school years are a great time to explore volunteer opportunities and earn service hours. Volunteering can give you an awareness of the services provided to people in need. It can also give you leverage for college applications and make you eligible for scholarships and awards. Please see Mrs. Kane in the Career Center to find out about volunteer opportunities. You can also email Mrs. Kane.

The Community Service Form will be used to keep track of your hours.  If you are in a club at SMHS, check with your club president about tracking your hours.

How do students get service hours?

  1. Contact the organization/agency that interest you.  Obtain the email address of the supervisor.
  2. Start volunteering.
  3. Complete and submit the online form. (See the tutorial below on how to complete the form)


Jefferson Awards

The Jefferson Awards serve to recognize “unsung heroes” and to advocate public service and inspire everyone in the San Mateo High School family to get involved. For more information on Jefferson Awards click here.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Resources

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