Student Timeline (Late Junior to Senior Year)

Late Winter Junior Year

  • Students and parents attend junior night to learn about what to expect through the rest of their high school career
  • Students should begin thinking about what they might want out of a college
  • Visit the Career Center to learn more about college and career options for after high school

Spring Junior Year

  • Look to take the SAT or the ACT for the first time
  • End the school year strong, doing well on finals and any AP courses that you’re in
  • Plan out any college visits that you might like to do in the summer
  • Start using Naviance to learn more about potential schools that you are interested in
  • Initial contact with potential letter of recommendation writers

Summer Between Junior and Senior Year

  • If you’re in a class with a summer reading list or work packet, be sure to budget time to do the work. Start within the first three weeks of summer vacation so that you don’t procrastinate
  • Visit some colleges to learn where you might want to go to school
  • Register for the fall SAT or ACT if you haven’t taken it before or if you plan to retake them

August Senior Year

  • Add colleges to Naviance that you would be interested in potentially applying to
  • Opt-in to Cal grants “ensure you authorize us to send in your GPA for Cal grant”

September Senior Year

  • Senior parent night at San Mateo HS
  • College Advisor will present to all the seniors during school about college options, the application process, and how to request letters of recommendation
  • Students will receive an advising meeting form to schedule a meeting date with College Advisor
  • Take the early bird senior survey to become eligible for additional scholarships

September – October Senior Year

  • Take the SAT or ACT if you haven’t before or if you’re retaking it from earlier
  • Students meet with the College Advisor to review Naviance and confirm that everything is on track, reviewing the following:
    • Confirm schools you’re applying to are on Naviance
    • Review of major (confirm major or undeclared)
    • Review of GPA & Test Scores
    • Instructions on how to send test scores
    • Confirm Common App match
    • Confirm Ferpa waived
    • Confirm students requested letter(s) of recommendation from teacher(s)
    • Review status of applications and due dates
    • Transcript request form and instructions are given to students
    • Student is reminded to thank their teacher(s) for the letter(s) of recommendation
    • Student is given a signed copy of transcript, letter of recommendation packet to complete to get a letter from their guidance counselor, and instructed to meet with their counselor
  • Following the meeting with the College Advisor, the student will schedule a meeting with his or her guidance counselor to review the college plan. The counselor will send to the colleges the school profile, school report, transcript, letter of recommendation, and secondary school report if the college requires it. The guidance counselor meeting may not occur until November depending upon your application deadlines, but you should reach out to your guidance counselor by the middle of October.

October Senior Year

  • Financial Aid workshop for students and parents
  • FAFSA application opens up
  • District college fair

November Senior Year

  • Separate UC and CSU application workshop hosted by Career Center
  • UC and CSU applications are due by November 30th

December Senior Year

  • Prepare for first semester finals to end your fall semester with good marks
  • There are several schools with January 1st application deadlines. If you are applying to one of these schools, be ahead of this deadline and don’t wait until winter break to submit application

January Senior Year

  • First semester grades will post. Guidance counselor will send mid-year transcript updates to the schools to reflect your first semester grades. Student must mark submitted under the application status in Naviance to indicate which schools should receive the Mid-year report by January 13, 2017. It’s ok if you choose to apply to a school after this date, but inform either your guidance counselor or college advisor so that we can make sure the school receives the mid-year report

Late Winter Through Spring Senior Year

  • Students will begin receiving their notification letters from the schools they applied to.
  • Be sure to finish the spring semester of senior year strong. Admission is contingent upon the spring semester grades
  • Go to Naviance and add which school student will be attending in the fall

February – March Senior Year

  • Application workshops will be hosted by the Career Center for community colleges in the area, such as College of San Mateo, Skyline, Canada College, and Foothill

May Senior Year 

  • National College Decision Day is May 1st
  • Succeed on your finals and any AP exams
  • Career Center will host a presentation with advice and guidance for transitioning to college
  • Senior Awards Night to commemorate seniors who will be receiving scholarships
  • Fill out the senior exit survey in Naviance. This is a graduation requirement and helps us know where to send your final transcript
  • Graduation!

June After Senior Year 

  • School will update the final transcript for each student with their final semester grades, and will send it on to the school that the student plans to attend